Many of the properties that Richard Berns has acquired over the last 20 years have been acquired through the use of syndications. Richard has successfully completed 9 real estate syndications that acquired over $48 million in properties. Generally, these syndications have taken the form of limited partnerships in which Richard has been a General Partner. In most cases, Richard also manages the properties for the partnerships and keeps all partners informed of the current status of the investments. Returns to limited partners have substantially exceeded market rates of return and have ranged from 12% to 26%, annually. Of course, there are many risks to every partnership and past success does not insure future success. All potential investors should be aware of the risks of real estate investment and be in a position to accept such risks.

In addition to his real estate syndication activity, Richard was also a successful security broker raising over $50 million for companies in specialized industries.

Through his real estate acquisitions, Richard has developed an exceptional partner network. Two of his major partners own and operate extensive real estate holdings in the Bay Area of San Francisco and throughout Central and Southeast Texas.

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